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CCSL -- Combined Continuity and Spotting List

Combined Continuity Script

CCSL stands for Combined Continuity and Spotting List. It is actually two documents in one, running concurrently. They are extremely detailed and lengthy strips, comprising of the ‘action continuity’ — cut by cut shot description and all the dialogue and sound effects written in the greatest of detail. Often reaching over 200 pages a CCSL is a paper representation of the actual film on screen.

Dialogue List For Film

dialogue list for film festivals

The process for creating a Dialog List is very similar to creating a CCSL. The main difference between the two is that a Dialog List does not have a Continuity List (the left-most columns with shot descriptions).We offer our Dialog Spotting List at the same cost as a Dialog List. For both, we follow the process of first creating a closed captioning file and then exporting a text document from the caption file.

As Broadcast Script

As Broadcast Script - Sample

Typically, in a screenplay, one page represents one minute of the movie time which is hard to manage that in an ABS since it includes time code that occupies a line. Generally an ABS is longer than a screenplay.If the final movie is an exact replica of a screenplay, then a two-hour movie should fit within 120 pages, whereas an ABS will take up to 140 pages. It’s very easy to overwrite while creating this document and exceeding the number of pages.

Closed Captioning

closed captioning file

We’ve been a closed captioning service since the inception of our company in 2003.We create only broadcast quality closed captioning and not $1.50 per minute AI generated quality that you can find today very easily. All of our work is done by our experienced team of transcribers, captioners and editors. We follow all of the ADA guidelines for closed captioning.When we added post production scripts to our services.