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CCSL – Combined Continuity and Spotting List
Dialogue List
As-Broadcast Script
 Closed Captioning

Post Production Scripts

CCSL (Combined Continuity
and Spotting List)

post production script template

Combined Continuity and Spotting List is also called a CCSL.

As the name suggests, a CCSL is a combination of the written visual description of a video called Action Continuity, and the audible part that contains the dialogues, sound effects, music and elements such as text on screen and graphics, with time code.

Dialogue List

dialogue list for film festivals

A Dialogue List captures the audible part of the movie with in-time codes, out-time codes and duration of the dialogue.

Sound effects, lyrics and speaker IDs are also included with the lower-thirds and graphics.

ABS (As Broadcast Script)

As Broadcast Script sample

The As Broadcast Script format resembles that of a screenplay.

Also called ABS for short, it can be a tricky document to create as one page should represents about one minute of the movie which makes it critical to write the scene description and dialogue in a very precise manner.

Add Closed Captioning for only
$2 per minute.

Closed Captioning Since 2003

How are we able to give you broadcast quality Closed Captioning for only $2.00 per minute?

A lot of the work that goes into creating a post production scripts like CCSL or Dialogue List is common to creating a closed captioning file.

Which is why it makes perfect sense to add a broadcast quality closed captioning or an SDH to your post production script with your order. This is your only chance to get it so inexpensively.

With our 19 years of experience creating closed captioning for major networks, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Have a look at all our post production scripts samples with prices.

How Did We Get To Be
The World's Best CCSL Writers?

Since 2003

We started off as a closed captioning service in 2003. And closed captioning is at the heart of a CCSL. We use the same software to manually capture the time codes for all dialogues. The dialogues are broken into individual captions as per the ADA closed captioning guidelines making it very easy to use the CCSL document to create subtitles and dubs.

Reasonably Priced

Unlike our competitors, all our prices are transparently indicated on our website.

Not only do we give you a very accurate and well described continuity list, we do that at a very reasonable price.

That’s because this is all we do and we have concentrated all our efforts to doing just this one thing – hightest quality CCSL at very reasonable prices.

Frame Precise timecodes

Since we use our closed captioning software to capture time code manually, each dialogue has a frame precise dialogue start and end time.

We follow the closed captioning guidelines set by FCC.

Our time codes are in the same format as a closed captioning file in HH;MM;SS;FF format making it easier for our CCSL to be simply imported into any captioning or subtitling program.

Quick Turnaround

Our highly experienced team of transcribers, captioners, editors and writers work fast and efficiently, delivering a CCSL and closed captioning within 8--10 working days.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for 4 weeks to get a CCSL.

Closed Captioning almost done

We work with the knowledge that one of the main purpose of a CCSL is to be used to create subtitles and dubs in different languages. We create our CCSLs with a complete closed captioning file built into it. There is very little work that is required to use a CCSL and convert the extracted date into a closed captioning file.

For only an additional $2 per minute, we can deliver a broadcast quality SDH closed captioning file with the CCSL or a Dialogue List.

Edits and Multiple Versions

Did you have to make any edits after you submitted your CCSL to the distributor? And now you need to make corresponding changes to the CCSL?

That's one of the hardest things to do in an existing CCSL since that requires all the time codes to be changed.

But not for us!

We have developed a proprietary program that enable us to achieve that very easily. Saving you time and money.

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