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Call yourself a filmmaker? You need to go Back To The Paper, my friend.

Combined Continuity and Spotting List
Combined Continuity and Spotting List

Finally, you have a great idea for a movie.

You write, write, write…

And then you pitch, pitch, pitch until someone gets your genius and gives you the money!

Now the real work starts. You produce, you direct, you shoot, you edit

And one fine day your movie is ready. And it’s a masterpiece!

You go hopping with joy to hand it over to the network or the distributor.

Where’s the CCSL?” they ask.

What the hell is that, you think.

“A Combined Continuity and Spotting List? It’s part of the deliverables”, they say.

“Go back to the paper”, they say.

Now, that’s another great idea, we think 😉

Go on. Click below.

Add closed captioning for only

an additional $2.00 per minute.
Comprehensive CCSL Sample

When you are ready to move ahead, this is what we’ll need from you:

– A low resolution downloadable proxy video with window burn (BITC). Anything around 2GB is fine (but the smaller the better as long as the audio is clear and visuals are sharp).

    If you send us a Vimeo or a Dropbox link, please make them downloadable.

    If you send us a Google drive link, please send it to .

– Any shooting script or text of the movie that you might have. It helps us with names etc.

– End credits in MS Word or .txt

This is what you will get from us:

– Our standard non-disclosure agreement/contract and invoice.

– CCSL (or Dialogue List) in MS Word and closed captioning files in SCC, SRT, .cap, or any format that you need.


Back To The Paper is dba for our company ‘Talking Type LLC‘.

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